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Make a list of your skills. 

If you aren’t even sure what kind of gig you might want, make a list of your skills. Think about some of your responsibilities in past jobs. You likely have even more skills than you realize, so first make a list to see what you can offer.

Think about your schedule

Would you have time on the weekends? Nights? Make sure you aren’t spreading yourself so thin that you sacrifice the quality of your work. Then, look for gigs that allow you to work the number of hours you want when you want.

Be willing to develop new skills. 

Most gigs will require skills that you do have, but they might also require some skills that you don’t yet have. Continue to develop skills that are necessary for the gigs you want. Demonstrate your willingness to learn new skills, and you will find more and more gigs open to you.

Make a great impression. 

Once you get a gig job, be sure to do your very best work. If you do a good job and make yourself indispensable, you will be more likely to be asked back by the company for another gig. It is also a good way to get a positive recommendation from an employer when you are looking for your next gig.

How To Find The Right Gig For You: Advice & Resources
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