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Gone are the days when part-time work or side hustles were frowned upon. The gig economy is here to stay. It is easier than ever to snag jobs in the gig economy these days. The demand for part-time workers has seen a phenomenal increase in recent years. Nearly 44 million Americans have a side hustle and are part of this growing gig economy workforce. That is almost a third of the entire US labor force. So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for an extra income stream along with your regular job, or planning to live as a full-time freelancer. There are plenty of opportunities out there for the taking.


The modern gig economy is all about outsourcing specific tasks to freelancers or independent contractors. These gigs are mostly on a short-term or one-day basis. Though there is no clearly defined definition or limit to what a gig should be, you can broadly divide gig economy jobs into several categories.

Skilled Jobs

These require some sort of professional degree or intellectual skill. They are usually short term contract based gigs, but they tend to pay decent money. These professional gigs are best suited for folks looking for a secondary income in addition to their regular job. They are usually tasks that can be worked at from your home or office, or anywhere from a computer. Stuff like writing, editing, proofreading, software development, and programming fall into this category.

Labor Jobs

Labor-related gigs are best suited for folks who know a particular manual skill or trade. Plumbing, gardening, lawn mowing, home improvement, furniture repairs, all fall into this area. One advantage of these gigs is the fact that many of the listed jobs do not require any specialized training or skill level. If you are a “jack of all trades” kind of person, labor gigs are the best option to earn some extra dough on the side.

Ridesharing Gigs

This one needs no introduction or explanation. If you have a driver's license and vehicle, you can get on board this bandwagon. There are numerous apps and services other than those big three offering various kinds of ridesharing services. So you do not have to restrict yourself to basic taxi services in the city. There are even options to rent your car out if you don’t have time to spare for actual ridesharing.

Delivery Gigs

This is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the gig economy. In these days of online retail, buyers expect doorstep delivery of all sorts of stuff, from electronics to clothes, appliances, and even food. The big advantage that delivery jobs have over rideshare is that you do not need a car for many gigs. Some of the bigger deliveries will need a larger vehicle, but many can be undertaken on a bike, scooter, or motorcycle.

Rental Gigs

This might seem less like a job and more like your property or house doing a job. But rental gigs are more than just listing your property on a site or app. You have to manage client requests, do maintenance and cleaning, and other related activities if you want to keep getting new clients. So in that sense, it is a job.

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